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Hi, this is :iconwhisperingwinds::iconwhisperingwinds::iconwhisperingwinds::iconwhisperingwinds::iconwhisperingwinds: . =)

NOTE! If you want a larger pixel size version of these pictures, or ones that aren't sharpened, just ask!


Note: I'm still in the process of watermarking AND resizing all my images, so don't be surprised if some have watermarks and others don't. It just takes a LONG time to do this for over a thousand images.

May 22nd, 2013:

*snip snip* And the editing process continues. I do want to ask though, do you guys want more rodeo pictures? There's another one coming up.

Gallery Resizing Progress:

Santa Barbara Folder
US Nationals 07

Working on:
The Sonrise Folders

Any scrapped photos will not be resized. However if you ask I will resize them for you. I just don't want to waste time resizing photos that are going to languish in my scraps.
The resizing amendment applies to any picture that's in a batch not included in my 'done' section. If you see a photo of mine you like and want bigger soon, tell me. I have no problem doing one or two on the side. It just takes awhile to do a whole 40 photo batch which is why it's taking so long otherwise (as I'm so scatterbrained I'll lose my place if I stop halfway through a folder for a break).


We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming...



1. You may only use these photos for photo-manipulations and as art references. If you want to use them for something else please send me a note on my main account and ask me about it, chances are I'll be obliging but I'd rather you ask first.

2. You are not allowed to use my pictures for commercial purposes without acquiring my permission. Commercial purposes include paid graphic designs, using my photos to promote a store you own, and various other advertisements. It does not extend to instances where fake money is involved, however. (Such as the Howrse simulation game.) Those who wish to use my stock for a commission and/or to sell as a print, however, should not feel as if they have to share any money with me what-so-ever. This rule is really only here to prevent actual companies from taking my stock and using it to promote themselves and their real world businesses. Which sounds silly when you think about it, but it's already happened to me and frankly I'd like to let people know where I stand so it doesn't happen again.
If you really want to use my stock to promote your business, please, talk to me. I'm not adverse to working with you about it. Better to ask and discuss these things than to have me stumble upon you at a later date, as I can assure you that I will not be open to discussion then.


4. You must credit me in some way if you choose to use these photos. A link to this account would be appreciated, but even just saying 'I got this pose/image/etc from nyaorestock' is fine with me as well. You may not however simply say 'I got this from someone on Deviantart', and not include my name somewhere. I understand that this is hard rule to work with on games like Howrse, however, so as long as credit is given somewhere on the site in question I'm happy as a clam.

5. Please don't repost my unedited stock anywhere on the internet. It does not belong on Tumblr, Photobucket, Facebook, Myspace, Reddit, Image Shack, here on DA, or anywhere else without my expressed permission. I appreciate that you like it enough to reblog, but in those cases a link to the original image goes a lot further than uploading it elsewhere to 'share'.

6. I don't tolerate people taking my stock, manipulating or cutting it out from the background, and then turning around and offering it as their own stock. There are no exceptions to this rule. If I catch you, I will give you a warning that will be followed by a report if no action is taken to remove the offending image.

7. In addition to these rules, some of the individual pictures here will also have a few more slapped onto them. This mostly just applies to images I take at horse shows and not using the competition numbers the riders/horses wear in the shots.

8. Please tell me if you use these images. I would really like to see what you all use them for.



-Most of these photos will be of Arabian horses, so if you want to find a large amount of images of other breeds I suggest you look elsewhere. However! I do have quite a few pictures of Quarterhorses, Percherons, Paints/Pintos, and so on hidden in the recesses of this gallery. (Also, there are some pictures of things other than horses in my gallery as well. [The folders for them are after all my other ones in the gallery.])

-These images ARE enhanced and sharpened in photoshop in order to make them more appealing and easier to work with. However, the editting beyond that is minimal at best. Not all images were given the same amount of editing though, and may look more or less saturated than ones that were taken only seconds before.

-Also, I do NOT watch people on this account unless they also have a stock account that I happen to enjoy looking through. So don't feel bad if you watch me but never get a notice of my doing the same to you. I'm more than happy to watch people on my main however.


I just wanted to give people a heads up and say that I don't always remember to thank people for when they favorite my pictures. It's not that I'm ungrateful, quite the opposite, but rather that I'm a basket case who continually forgets to take the time to sit down and thank people properly. So if you don't get a thank you note on your profile at some point in time after adding one of my pieces to your favorites, just know that I appreciate your support and I'd give you a big hug if I could. And maybe cookies. Yes, cookies are good.*shifty eyes*


Copyright, Lindsay Degnan a.k.a. Nyaore/


Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States



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